Frozen food packaging

We produce paper bags for packing frozen products, such as various dumplings, khinkali, ice cream and other products.

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Such bags consist of several layers: the top layer is made of white or brown kraft paper, the inner layer is made of a polymer film, transparent or metallized.

Selection of paper bag type for a particular frozen product is made individually. This takes into account biochemical properties of the packaged goods, storage conditions. Correctly selected paper bag remains flexible even at low temperatures, while maintaining all the quality characteristics of its contents, preventing spoilage.

Paper bag compares favorably with plastic trays and bags; such modern and beautiful package increases the selling power of your product.

Multilayer bags Single layer bags
outer layer - BOPP-film Inner Layer - Kraft Paper Kraft paper or polyethylene laminated paper
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Quality printing

Each piece of equipment is new, purchased by the world's leading manufacturers "Windmölleri Hölsher", "Kampf" and meets the highest requirements.

High quality paper

Paper bags made of High-quality paper of the correct geometric shape, with a well-glued side seam and bottom in any quantity.

Modern production

Each production unit is new, purchased from leading world manufacturers such as Windmöller & Hölscher and Kampf, and meets the highest requirements.