Packaging for fast food and cafes.

We produce hot and cold food containers, as well as multipurpose packaging for takeaway food or courier delivery from restaurants and cafes.

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Depending on your needs, paper bags for food packaging can be single-layer or multi-layer, they also may have a greaseproof layer if necessary.

A bag with your logo will be a pleasant addition to a purchase, it will be pleasant to carry and unpack it, which will bring out positive emotions when eating your food.

All materials used in manufacturing food paper bags fully comply with safety requirements and do not affect the taste and quality of food.

with a rectangular bottom
with side fold
envelope bag
multilayer min: 100х70х265
max: 220х140х400

single layer min: 100х70х265
max: 220х140х400
min: 35х20х95
max: 210х80х320
min: 35х210
max: 210х320
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Quality printing

Each piece of equipment is new, purchased by the world's leading manufacturers "Windmölleri Hölsher", "Kampf" and meets the highest requirements.

High quality paper

Paper bags made of High-quality paper of the correct geometric shape, with a well-glued side seam and bottom in any quantity.

Modern production

Each production unit is new, purchased from leading world manufacturers such as Windmöller & Hölscher and Kampf, and meets the highest requirements.