Paper bags for coal, seeds, building mixtures, chemicals

We produce paper packaging for household and agricultural products. Bags for this type of products are usually multilayer and moisture resistant. They are made of kraft paper with basis weight of 80 g/m2.

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Top layer: white or brown with multi-colour or one-colour printing, flat handles can be added if necessary.

Inner layer: brown kraft paper with increased durability. If necessary, a layer of a polymer film is added.

Such bags are suitable for packaging coal, wood chips, mulch, shavings, building dry mixes, chemicals, seeds weighing from 1 to 15 kilograms.

All packaging may be disposed of.

Width   Depth   Height
Maximum choose 450 150 450
Minimum no 80 50 265
Standard choose   220 100 340
Standard choose   180 90 360
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Quality printing

Each piece of equipment is new, purchased by the world's leading manufacturers "Windmölleri Hölsher", "Kampf" and meets the highest requirements.

High quality paper

Paper bags made of High-quality paper of the correct geometric shape, with a well-glued side seam and bottom in any quantity.

Modern production

Each production unit is new, purchased from leading world manufacturers such as Windmöller & Hölscher and Kampf, and meets the highest requirements.