Packaging for coffee, tea, sugar, sweets

We produce single-layer and multi-layer paper bags for packaging coffee and tea, as well as various sweets.

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Depending on the contents of the package, the bag can be made of single or double layer kraft paper, or have a combined type being made of kraft paper and polypropylene film, matte or glossy.

In manufacturing, we use white or brown kraft paper.

Kraft paper has some features that you need to consider when preparing a design layout for offset printing: colors may look a little darker or paler due to the specific structure of the paper.

Paper bag for packaging tea or coffee shall preserve its product properties unchanged, and stand out of other products, attracting consumers’ attention.

Such bag is usually of a rectangular bottom shape, but, if necessary, the geometry of the bag can be changed.

Package size Coffee weight Tea weight
75х50х270 50 50
80х50х240 50 50
90х70х260 100 100
100х70х265 200 200
120х85х330 1000 1000

Manufacturing of paper packaging in standard shapes and sizes takes no more than 30 days.

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Quality printing

Each piece of equipment is new, purchased by the world's leading manufacturers "Windmölleri Hölsher", "Kampf" and meets the highest requirements.

High quality paper

Paper bags made of High-quality paper of the correct geometric shape, with a well-glued side seam and bottom in any quantity.

Modern production

Each production unit is new, purchased from leading world manufacturers such as Windmöller & Hölscher and Kampf, and meets the highest requirements.